SAP Training & Courses - Exactly what do it Do For the Career?

So you are growing weary of working for others, reporting to bosses with lower IQ than yours and would like to take control of your career. You take into account becoming a consultant nevertheless the stakes come across as too high. Will you be in a position to generate a steady flow of labor yourself?

sap apo course

Or probably you were a man in procurements department and incredibly lack much 'skill' as needed by a consultant. So despite you want more you don't have much value that one could add as a possible independent consultant.

Maybe you are the techie that is sick and tired of providing run-of-the-mill software and websites. You would like to visit your work adding value to a company's mission critical operations.

If you are seriously thinking of giving your career a fresh definition, then think closely about working out for SAP. What to do now the heck is SAP? Well don't worry if you haven't heard about it yet. SAP is short for (translated in English) Systems, Applications, Products in Information systems. Its an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software, in reality a market leader and also the clearest rolling around in its breed. An ERP system is likely to integrate all business processes and applications being run in an organization. SAP is the third largest software company on the planet (which came from Germany). Over12000 organizations are using SAP. It's around 80,000 installations and over 12,000,000 popular bands are using it.

sap apo course

The question comes, what value does SAP supplement your profile? If we talk about SAP training it may be seen from various angles. As we discussed at first you would like to become a completely independent consultant and be online resources your personal career and direction. You can even master the technical areas and platforms of SAP and stay an even more satisfied technical solution provider. Even if you choose to lodge at your overall job it is possible to take up SAP courses and become a task manager to your company who would like to implement SAP. Or perhaps you might want to join a consulting firm that facilitates other companies in SAP implementations. SAP consultants will never be short of work, reach travel a lot and charge from 1000$ a day (or even more).

Lets examine depth and breadth of SAP to help you analyze where you stand along with what must be your course of action. SAP courses might be visualized from three basic aspects viz.

Core Business Processes
SAP Vertical Components
SAP Technical Courses

By practicing for SAP Business Processes you will find SAP modules like,

FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling)
PCA (Profit Center Accounting)
SD (Sales and Distribution)
SD COM (Customer Order Management)
HR (Human Resources)
MM (Material Management)
PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP Verticals include

SAP APO (Planning Optimizer)
SAP BW (Business Intelligence)
SAP CRM (Customer Relation Management)
SAP SRM (Supplier Relation Management)

Lastly SAP Technical courses will expose you to technical platforms like

SAP Netweaver Xi
SAP Enterprise Portals
SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
SAP BASIS (Business Computer software Integrated Solution)

You can even include flavors of SAP in accordance with various industry verticals including financial sector, manufacturing and services, to the broader categories.

Since we've enough jargon and terminology about SAP at our hands lets attempt to determine what is right for you. There can't be a silver bullet formula for everybody to select and judge her or his modules. Your place to start basically is determined by your own particular circumstances and goals.

Although you may have been someone in procurements you can add value on your set of skills by learning SAP modules of Material Management (MM). There is a knowledge and skill of your particular business area. With SAP training you will learn among the best practices of cloth Management in addition to the software side of the area. Don't worry you'll not have to be a programmer, you just need to have a very general notion of IT solutions and applications.

In addition to selecting modules you may even ought to spending some time on selecting the right training institute. SAP itself provides facility for your as well as there's a large numbers of training/consulting businesses that impart trainings for SAP. You need to search for methodology, depth of education and focus on your specific areas of interest. Besides above, cost can even be a crucial deciding factor.

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